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Worships & Gathering

All gatherings of the church is open to all. Please feel fee to join us at any single occasions. There is no obligation to continously join our gatherings.


What is worship service?

"What is church? What kind of place it is?"


Many people may wonder.

First of all, church is a place for worship.


Then, what is the purpose of worship? To be concised, it is to face God.


We all have various experience in our life. Worry and pain, hopeless and despair, joyless and meaningless, etc.


Among them, I think it is the time to face the one who transcend our existence, meanwhile facing our true-self.


When we search genuinely, we could find new hope, energy to live, comfort from hurts and new way of living in the worship.


"Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." Matt 11:28.


Worship is for everybody. If you are interested in church or worships, you are called by God! Feel free to visit us.

Sunday Worship Services

 Sunday Worship Services are the key gathering of the church.

In the worship service, we read Bible scriptures, hear message from the Bible and sing Hymn as out prayer to God.

Worship services are open for everyone. Please feel free to join us.


There are the basic program of Kobe Seiai Church's worship service as below:

Call to worship(Scripture)

Responsive Reading

(alternate reading of Psalms between the leader and the congregation)

Prayer(from the Leader)
Scripture Reading(Scripture of the week would be read)

Message(Message from the pastor according to the scripture. Around 20-25 min.)
Silence(Time for pondering the message)

Offering(As an action symbolize our gratitude and commitment. At any amount)

<Communion will be hled on first Sundays and special occasions>

Intercessory Prayer (Prayer for all the people in the world)

The Lord's Prayer


Commissioning and Blessing


※Please visit our coffee service after worship

Thursday Worship

Every Thursday (No worship on August and National Holidays)

There are morning and evening sessions

There are Bible message, discussion and prayer time.

Around 1 hour. Everyone is welcomed. Please feel free to join us.

Gathering Schedules

Sunday Worship Service Sunday 10:00AM (Around 1 hour)

Thursday Worship Service Thursday 10:30 and18:00

Old Testament Bible Reading Every 2nd & 4th Sun 9:30-10:15


Other events like, Bazaars, Open Church and Concerts are all available.

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